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Revised May 23, 2001
by David Kraybill
for CIS 213,
Cuyamaca College

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What's New

The coming issue for October 2001 will be "The Mad Scientist Issue." If that theme strikes your fancy, put together a yarn, poem or artwork with a mad scientist in it and let us take a look at it for possible inclusion in this year's mag.

If you don't think along the lines of a mad scientist, then cook up something else scarey, spooky or mysterious. We like those, too.

Spit & Polish

Don't worry about spit & polish. We'll check over the spelling and grammar and send it back for your ok before we print it.

To submit a story, open this e-mail link Submit, and copy the text from your word processor into the body of the message with "story" as the subject - or - if your wordprocessor is compatible with Microsoft Word97, Lotus WordPro97 or WordPerfect8 you can attach a copy of the document to the e-mail. To submit pictures drawings or photos use the attachment method. We can read most bitmap and vector drawing formats, but we'd prefer .png if you have it. If not, then whatever you've got.

Questions? Write to the webmaster.

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