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Revised May 23, 2001
by David Kraybill
for CIS 213,
Cuyamaca College

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About Beard/Kraybill Studios

"A fine establishment since 1993"

Beard-Kraybill Studios was established in 1993 when Brad Beard and Dave Kraybill teamed up to produce, direct and star in the Christmas Special, "The Meaning of Christmas." Brad was already a veteran having done two Christmas Movies the past two years, but this was the first with a plot. After our successful team-up on the San Diego Artist Group publication, "Tales From the Still-Beating Heart," Brad and Dave teamed-up for the 1993 Christmas Special. Brad wrote the screenplay with lots of room for improvisation amply provide by our acting staff. This was a low budget film produced with mostly borrowed audio and video equipment, but it was a hit.

The highlight of our film career was the 1995 Christmas Special, a mystery film, Who REALLY stole Christmas? This was the first film where we used original music written and performed by members of the Baker Street Band and others. Stereo recording was a first on this film also. Ain't technology great?

The 1996 film was basically a documentary type film describing our previous endeavors with a host of short comedic bits added in. On Brad's Christmas vacation that year his camera had a falling in with the force of gravity and lost. Also that year the San Diego Artist Group stopped meating, so Beard-Kraybill Studios put their name on the magazine. As you'll see reading through the issues, the core authors from that early period are still around year after year.

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